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You’ve probably heard of the basic factoring advantages, like its ability to accelerate your cash flow and help you make ends meet. But, there are many hidden benefits of invoice factoring in business that aren’t often discussed. It’s typically these aspects that set it apart from other funding solutions and result in the strong partnerships that are often formed between a business and its factoring company.  

On this page, we’ll walk you through some of the benefits of factoring people don’t often discuss, so you can ensure you receive maximum benefit from your factoring arrangement.

1. You Get Immediate Access to Cash

One of the most significant benefits of invoice factoring is that you’ll usually receive your cash within two business days. Some factoring companies can even provide same-day payouts. This can make all the difference when dealing with something time-sensitive, such as making payroll, addressing an emergency, or seizing a business opportunity.

2. You Can Reduce the Impact of Customer Payment Delays

Canadian businesses wait an average of 53 days for B2B payments, per Atradius research. Considering that many businesses are in the habit of invoicing monthly, it can easily take two or three months after completing work or delivering goods to receive payment. These slow payments create issues for businesses. They make it harder for you to pay your own bills and can stunt your business growth. Because invoice factoring eliminates these lengthy waits, all the challenges you face because of them disappear too.

3. Efficient Invoice Management and Outsourced Credit Control

Nearly half of all B2B payments that come in late are due to the customer having insufficient funds, according to Atradius. Canada ranks the highest of any country in the Americas in this respect. Mexico, the second-highest country, barely hits 40 percent. This means that Canadian businesses must be more selective about extending trade credit and following up as deadlines approach and are missed. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have the resources to pour into these processes.

However, invoice factoring companies check the credit of your clients for you. That way, it’s easier to know which companies generally pay their invoices on time and which ones you may want to pass on or require upfront payment from. Your factor is also responsible for collecting payments. Because this is something they do every day and is a core area of their business, they use methods that keep clients happy but accelerate payment, such as by providing reminders and convenient digital payment options.

4. Factoring is More Accessible Than Bank Loans and Very Affordable

Invoice factoring for small business tops traditional loans in a multitude of ways.

Easy Qualification

Most businesses qualify for invoice factoring because the creditworthiness of your clients matters more than yours.

Low Cost

A typical factoring fee is somewhere between one and five percent of an invoice’s value. Meanwhile, most business credit cards hover around 20 percent, with some climbing even higher. Other funding methods, such as merchant cash advances, have an APR of 200 percent. When you compare your options, factoring is much more affordable than other business funding solutions.

Debt-Free and Interest-Free Financing

Hidden benefit of factoring - no debtMost funding solutions create debt that you must pay back with interest. That can be problematic because cash flow is often inconsistent for growing businesses. It’s difficult to know how much you can put toward paying off debt from one month to the next. Feeling optimistic, many business owners agree to lengthy terms and end up buried in debt they can’t repay.

Factoring doesn’t work this way. Instead, the factor retains a small portion of the invoice’s value when you receive your final payment. There’s no debt or interest accrued.

No Collateral Required

Oftentimes, lenders expect businesses to use their assets as collateral. The owner’s personal assets are sometimes leveraged as collateral too. With invoice factoring, you’re selling your invoice to the factor. Your receivables essentially become collateral in this situation, so no other collateral is usually required.

5. Risk and Financial Stress Reduces

In all, 44 percent of business owners say they experience financial stress, according to FreshBooks polls. While everyone copes with it differently, lost sleep and feelings of anxiety or irritability are quite common. One of the overlooked benefits of factoring is that the very things likely to trigger financial stress are taken care of or diminished.

Receive Protection from Unpaid or Late Invoices

Again, factoring companies perform credit checks for you, so the likelihood of nonpayment is incredibly low. Furthermore, late payments from your clients are not a problem. You receive most of the invoice’s value immediately.

Pay Your Suppliers Earlier

It may go without saying, but one of the best ways to maintain good relationships with your suppliers is to ensure they’re paid on time. You can do this with greater ease when you factor. Plus, many vendors offer prepayment or early payment discounts, which you can take advantage of when you have working capital on hand by factoring.

Eliminate Debt Collection Hassles

Money can complicate client relationships. However, your factor collects for you and does so with the utmost concern and respect for your hard-earned relationships. You don’t have to feel like the “bad guy” always asking for money. You get to be the “good guy,” delivering excellent service, while your factor follows up on payments.

Improve Your Credit Score

Hidden benefits of factoring - improve business credit scoreOne of the lesser-known perks of invoice factoring is its ability to boost your credit score. Business credit scores work similarly to personal scores in that things like your payment behaviours, missed payments, and debt level all contribute to a strong rating. Factoring influences all these areas. For instance, it’s debt-free, so your debt ratio stays lower. It also ensures you have working capital on hand to keep up with existing debt payments and pay vendors in a timely manner.

Because anyone, from prospective landlords to insurance companies, lenders, and suppliers, may use your credit score to decide whether to work with you and what terms to offer, building your credit rating through invoice factoring can have massive and lasting implications for your company.

Offer Better Payment Terms to Your Customers

As you probably know from paying your own bills, the businesses that give you longer to pay are likely your favourites to work with. You stress less about affordability and probably have better relationships with them. If you have to choose between them and a similar business that doesn’t give you extra time to pay, you’re going with the one that gives you longer. The same is true for your clients and prospective clients. Offering extended payment windows is good for relationships and can help you close more sales. You can provide this when you factor without worrying about what waiting for payment means to your business.

6. Factoring Companies Offer Flexible Financing Options

One of the big advantages of factoring that nobody talks about is how flexible it is. Businesses that haven’t leveraged it often expect to be tied into lengthy contracts, required to factor all their invoices, or forced to meet monthly minimums. While some factoring companies have these requirements, not all do. Moreover, even when a factor includes these stipulations, they’ll usually offer programs that don’t have them. If these are sticking points for you, ask about them during your initial consultation and see their options to alleviate your concerns.

7. You Can Tap into Industry-Specific Expertise

Some factoring companies specialize in specific industries. Those that do typically understand the challenges their selected industries face and have greater familiarity with how successful businesses overcome them. Some also offer unique perks for their clients. For instance, a company that offers freight factoring may also provide fuel cards or a load board. Conversely, a company that caters to the construction industry may offer novel ways to pay subcontractors. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to look for factoring companies with experience in your industry before going with a generalist.

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As you can see, the hidden benefits of invoice factoring are what truly set it apart from other funding solutions. If it sounds like the ideal solution for your business, request a complimentary rate quote.


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