Commercial Credit Cards

Commercial credit cards are the ultimate solution to cash flow problems. Factoring companies provide commercial credit cards to help businesses obtain short-term financing and cash advances consistently. Commercial credit cards offer a good alternative to bank loans and come without the usual high bank interest fees. 

A factoring company can provide businesses with a commercial credit card within a few days, if not sooner, helping them pay off expenses and debts quickly. Factoring companies provide commercial credit cards to businesses with a range of benefits, such as:

Credit Line

A commercial credit card provides businesses with a credit line to make purchases and pay expenses. With a credit line, businesses can stay in operation even during challenging times.

Rewards and Perks

Similar to a personal bank card, commercial credit cards come with rewards and perks. Businesses can receive cash back and points every time they use their commercial credit card. Some factoring companies may also offer their clients discounts on purchases to help them to save money.

Commercial Credit Cards

Easy Tracking and Reporting

With a commercial credit card, businesses can easily track and manage their expenses. Financial teams can use their expense reports to reduce unnecessary expenses and ensure that businesses stay within their budget.

Enhanced Security

Businesses receive enhanced security features and fraud protection with a commercial credit card. They can track their expenses, protect their finances, and freeze cards when and if needed.

Customized Billing and Payment

Some factoring companies offer customized financial solutions. A commercial credit card can come with billing and payment options that can be tailored to a business’s specific needs. For example, businesses can set spending limits per day.

Consult a factoring company to obtain commercial credit cards, and browse the freight factoring guide to discover more factoring features.

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